Kinglux Magazine :

Issue 2

A Scientific Romance : Future Technology of the No-Money Generation


The brand new issue of Kinglux magazine features the motherboard.tv articles in print for the first time – Iain Sinclair on surveillance culture poetics, Corey Arcangel’s Beat The Champ, Dr David Luke discussing DMT entities, JG Ballard’s house for sale, a manifesto on why talking about new technology is better than building it which was from a talk given at the Virtual Futures conference, the ghosts of a Cambodian torture chamber and more!


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Kinglux Magazine Issue 1 :

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This issue is inspired by and devoted to JG Ballard, the English author, who began his career as a science-fiction author. By the time he passed away in 2009, he was classed as one of the preeminent thinkers of modern life. His visions of a world of packaged homogenity and the barely disguised threat of violence could well describe the night bus back from a modern town centre, or any number of present day situations. We still have a few copies from the second printing, available for £50 from here:

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