Kinglux is the creative work of Tony Hill (Tony Kinglux)

Tony Kinglux is a mystically minded artist, cultural commentator and art director. His magical journeying began as a cobbled together philosophy extracted from pre-internet counterculture including a curious synthesis of no-wave punk rock, 1990’s virtual reality dreams and rave psychedelia. Following the art-school instincts of Gilbert & George, the Sex Pistols and Alexander McQueen he decided to study at Central Saint Martins. Since graduation in 2002 he has continued to explore and report back from his adventures in the collective unconscious of the modern world.

Inspired by reality-hacking, visionary outsider art and hermetic philosophy, he has photographed, illustrated, written and produced designs for cultural magazines, brands and thinktanks. His irregular journal Kinglux explores the idea of ‘Future Technology for the No-Money Generation’ and touches on concepts such as internet archaeology, voodoo-infused email spam, psychogeography, occult politics, mobile phone militias, neo-Luddites, DNA poetry and modern shamanism.

He currently travels the world in a waking dream.